West Of Scotland Is Born

The wheels first turned at West of Scotland Heavy Haulage in 1946 when brothers Alex & James Campbell started the company that has now spanned over 70 years. The brothers first low loader was an ex US Army 6x4 Mack and a single axle low loader purchased to move their own fleet of excavators (we are talking 10 + 19 RBs here). Through time and hard work a reputation for getting the job done was bringing in constant requests to move other people's equipment.


By 1960 three low loaders were on the road in the form of 3 x Atkinson 45 ton in-line. Bordorers each with a four in line trailer driven by Herbie Teece, Billy Kirkwood and the long serving George Nodwell these three vehicles were often counted on and were heavily committed to BCH, Ruston Bucyrus, Greenham Plant and Caledonian Tractor company to name but a few satisfied customers. 1970 the company went into overdrive with the addition of two Scania 6x4 tractor units one 110 and one 140 with big 8 in line Dyson trailers built in Liverpool. Bigger & bigger loads were undertaken. NCK Andes, Manitowoc 4100's and lima 2400 excavators were run of the mill loads being moved back then. The Caterpillar Tractor company provided regular loads to the south coast ports of England and when General Motors Terex division was added to the customer list again major expansion was needed. American Mack tractor units were purchased and are fondly remembered by heavy haulage enthusiasts all over the world to this day. “How men like Jim Scott, Peter Nodwell, Billy Muir and John Wylie pushed those tractors to the limits each and every day is a testament to their abilities and the build quality of the Mack.”


DAF 2800 3300 and 3600 units were the backbone of the fleet, with changes in STGO regulations coming into force early 4+5 axle steering trailers with hydraulic suspension were purchased to keep our name in front.


DAF, Scania, Volvo and Man tractor units and some of the most modern trailers from Broshius, Faymonville, Nooteboom and Scheuerle can be seen carrying the latest equipment from the same manufacturers we were working with 70 years ago.


Investment in Brand New Mercedes Arocs and DAF Euro 6 Tractor units as well as the latest in Trailer Technology from Nooteboom joining the fleet ensures that West Of Scotland Stays at the forefront of the Specialist Haulage industry well into the future.